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Monday, January 25, 2010

employer time vs. candidate time - which time zone do you live in?

A reader writes:

Last week I received an email from a prospective employer asking me if their pay range was OK with me and if I was still interested. The pay is lower than what I noted or "desired" on my application. I replied back saying that I was still very interested in the position and that I was looking forward to speaking with them in person. That was last Thursday and I haven't heard from them. Is it too soon to expect them to call me for an interview? Did I say something wrong? Should I send them another email?

P.S. Their max yearly pay is about 20% less than what I used to earn but I'm changing industries (from advertising to non-profit) and living in a city where the cost of living is much less expensive - so I think it evens out. I explained my desire to change industries in my cover letter - I'm going from an ad agency to a museum, I hope.

That was Thursday, and this is Monday. That means that only two business days have gone by.

In the last two business days, I haven't even glanced at most of the applications that have landed on my desk. I haven't even thought about glancing at them yet. I'd like to -- but, like most hiring managers, I've got a bunch of other things clamoring for my attention. I am someone who generally moves really fast in the hiring process, but even for me, two days is nothing.

I know that when you're job searching, time feels like it moves incredibly slowly. And then you get contacted by someone, and time starts moving even more slowly while you wait for the next step. Why haven't they responded yet? What does it mean? What could they be doing all this time? For the love of god, WHAT IS GOING ON?

I know.

But you must chill out.

The only way to preserve your sanity in this situation is to make a note to yourself to check in with them in a week and then put it out of your mind until then. If they call you before then, great, it's a bonus. But you will only drive yourself crazy otherwise.

I know there's a dating analogy in here somewhere, but I'm too tired to find it.

Breathe, relax, put it out of your mind.


Jonathan said...

Yup. It's just like Swingers; If memory serves, T and Sue were going to wait 7 days before calling the women they had met.

I'm tempted to suggest that everything you need to know about life you can learn from Vince Vaughn, but I'm not sure I could back that up.

Adam said...

Yeah, this one will drive you nuts. Even though I understand full well that for many managers hiring is usually a "back-burner" type task when you're on the other end waiting is maddening, and every day that goes by it gets more and more discouraging. Patience is a virtue, but oh lord is it not a fun one.

Natalie said...

Oh man! Ii have been in this situation many a time. I agree that taking a meditative breath....calming down and chill out. Ii also agree with Jonathon...they is much to learn from Swingers and Vince Vaughn is truly a genius ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been like this for a year non-stop. Honestly I'm excited when I get an automated rejection e-mail from a potential employer.