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Monday, January 5, 2009

when you can't give a positive reference

Have you ever been asked to be a reference for an employee you can't honestly recommend? Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I give some suggestions on how to handle reference requests when you can't recommend the candidate. Check it out here.


Michelle said...

I have been told that I am very professional and do extremely well in interviews. I interviewed at Costo in Kauai to put items in a cart and gather shopping carts. I was immediately not hired. Frankly I personally know it was because I told the truth that I have a harrassment claim against my former employer. You see the truth doesn't set you free. I am 5 times qualified and have a great attitude. I am probably the only person who ever showed up at this Kauai Costco in proper attire, and I was early. It is ironic that a person like me can never find out why? That is the sad thing. Now I will forever be scorned and labeled, because I was sexually harrassed at hands of my former employer and now still feel punished. I think costco should tell the truth as to why they didn't hire me. Instead of the garbage that they found someone more qualified. You put things in a box and push carts? I have 2 college degrees i think i can figure that out?