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Monday, May 12, 2008

your interview starts NOW

I frequently see job candidates acting as if only "official" contacts—like interviews and formal writing samples—count during the hiring process. They'll send flawlessly edited cover letters and writing samples and then check up on their applications with sloppily written emails with spelling errors. Or they'll be charming and polite to me but rude to an assistant. If you're job searching, remember that employers are gathering information about you at every interaction, not just in the interview itself. For example...

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Kris said...

I just did a similar blog post ( You are so right. People don't seem to realize sometimes that it's not just what is "between the lines" that is being noticed and judged. How players behave in the dugout and the clubhouse counts too!

Anonymous said...

Too true, the minute you step onto the property, you're being judged. I make it part of my recruitment process to go ask our receptionist about a candidates behavior in the waiting area after the interview. Were they social? Quiet? Friendly? Pushy? Rude? Professional to me but ignorant to the receptionist? Very revealing sometimes. :-)

Jackie Cameron said...

This is great advice.

On the flip side how the organisation deals with the candidate from the word go will - if they are smart - give them an impression of how it would be to work there too.

That receptionist role is therefore a very important one for both parties!

Simon Cairns (Atlanta Office) said...

Very good information. I have heard of a situation where a candidate did not get a job offer because they had not washed their hands after using the bathroom. From her desk, the receptionist could hear if the faucet was used.