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Friday, September 28, 2007

update from reader irritated by her boss

I just received an update from the reader who wrote in recently about being fed up with her manager, who wasn't giving her enough information about projects, didn't give her time to talk with him, and engaged in a variety of other annoying habits. Several commenters and I advised her on ways to neutralize his weirdnesses. (Read the original post here.)

She writes:
"I'm not sure whether some of the strategies are working, or whether it's just a general change, but my relationship with my boss is really going well at the moment. There is a much better communication level and he has more realisation of exactly what I am spending my time on, so he values it more. I'm really loving coming to work at the moment."

I'm sure this indicates I need more of a life, but this made my day.


Anonymous said...

Shoot if you need to get a life I am really in's not even my blog and it made MY day!!!