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Thursday, December 23, 2010

where are they now: update #9 - the lazy boss

Remember the reader with the lazy boss who played video games all day? Here's his update.

Not a whole lot has changed with the executive's behavior but now there is another manager in between us so that makes it a little bit easier to deal with. I still see her with her feet up in the office playing solitaire for hours on end or I don't see her when she is on a two hour lunch. She still asks me to do inane tasks she claims not to know how to do, like dragging and dropping files on her desktop and standing at the printer to collect her printouts (the printer stores the documents and you have to enter a code to release it for printing.) I've just kind of tried to stop worrying about it and do my best to help other people in the company out so I don't get tarred with the same brush. Most people think 2011 will be her last year before retirement so I doubt there will be any strong efforts to improve her behavior.