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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

where are they now: update #3 - ostracized by boss after office burglary

Remember the reader who was treated horribly by his boss after being the only person present in the office during a burglary? Here's his update.

I'm happy to say that I quit on my own terms: first by going on FMLA for three months after a diagnosis of PTSD resulting from the robbery, to maintain my health insurance. After my twelve weeks, I resigned and served them with litigation the same day. They settled, unsurprisingly, for a large sum. I now have a new job in a very secure building, and paid off my college debt to boot. Happy ending I guess, if you don't count the countless hours I spent in therapy.


Dawn said...

This is my first time seeing this story. After reading the original post, I would agree that the company was trying to avoid the very thing that happened...a lawsuit. That's the only reason I can think of why a company would tell an employee to lie about being authorized to work that day.

Congrats, OP, on sticking to your guns and getting the heck out of dodge.