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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

where are they now: update #6 - the embarrassing mom

Remember the woman whose mother was embarrassing her with her boss? Here's here update.

I talked to my boss and, as you suspected, he was cool. I told him I was mortified about her behavior and email to him, and that I was NOT behind that whatsoever. He said, "Hey, don't worry. You've met my mom. We all have them, and they all embarrass us from time to time." Funny enough, a couple weeks later I ran into my boss's mom at our temple and she showed me baby pictures of him! Situation resolved on that end.

As far as my MOTHER goes, I reminded her that she, too, is a professional and that if she ever did something like this again, I'd make sure to tell her boss to remind her to put her dentures in before trial. My mother is good-natured enough to understand that what she did was NOT OKAY and I suspect it was simply out of the desire to make sure I was appreciated at work. Besides, she'll have the opportunity to embarass me further in front of my coworkers at my upcoming wedding! ;)