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Monday, August 30, 2010

the e-book is coming .... tomorrow!

Remember when I asked how you'd feel about a massive guide crammed so full of my advice on how to get a job that you'd never want or need to hear another word from me?

It's coming tomorrow!

Basically, if you want me to be your tour guide all through your job search, this is the book for you. You'll have me on your shoulder throughout your whole search, whether you want me there or not.

It'll launch here at 10 a.m. EST tomorrow, at a specially discounted price for the first two days.

Also, thank you to everyone who entered the contest to win a free copy! The winners -- who I've contacted individually as well -- are:
Chris F.             Joe K.
Johanna K.      Kirk B.
Mike K.            Pink P.

E-book! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Well thank god you left your blog up, because you are so entirely useful I'm not sure what I would do about my upcoming interview. Its just sad that I can't get a book on "how to get a job" without the catch-22 of already having one. Sadly $15 is out of my $0 price range.

Anonymous said...

Uh.. the beginning part wasn't sarcasm.. I actually meant it. I think i have read everything you've written. I'm just depressed I don't get to be one of the lucky ones who owns your book

Ask a Manager said...

Don't worry -- my blog isn't going anywhere and I will be continuing to post at the same rate as always! And I'm always available for questions too (askamanager at gmail dot com). Do not be sad!