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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ask a Manager Guide to Preparing for a Job Interview

I made something for you!

In response to the survey I did last week, a lot of you told me that that you really struggle with preparing for job interviews and feeling confident going into interviews.

So check it out -- I now have a free guide to help with that.

How to Prepare for an Interview:
Boost Your Confidence, Impress Your Interviewer, and Get a Job

What you'll get:
  • An easy 4-step process for interview prep
  • 14 tips to get in the right mind frame
  • 15 questions that I would ask you in an interview
  • A supplemental video version of the guide, in case you'd rather watch than read
How to get it

If you enter your email address into the sign-up box below, I'll send my free How to Prepare for an Interview guide directly to you. (And this is just the start. I have more stuff coming...)

Note: Thanks to the existence of spammers in our world, there's one more step you'll need to take. Once you click "Sign me up," you'll need to check your email and confirm your address so that I'm allowed to email you. Then I'll get the guide out to you immediately, and spammers will bother someone else. 

Sign up now
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Note: If you sign up for the free guide, I'll also send you the occasional email about other guides I've produced, but you can unsubscribe at any time.


Anonymous said...

What will happen to our email addresses?

Ask a Manager said...

I'll send you the occasional email about other stuff I've produced (not blog posts -- actual "products" like this one), but you can unsubscribe at any time (including immediately) if you hate that!

Anonymous said...

I like your PO Box (1337). :D

Ask a Manager said...

Uh oh, that's going right over my head! Fill me in :)

Anonymous said...

(different anon)

It used to be popular with hackers and extreme internet nerds to use symbols and numbers to replace letters in words.

The designation "leet," short for "elite," was used to designate the best of these (or, more commonly, those who thought they were the best of these).

1=L, 3=E, and 7=T, 1337=LEET.

|_4|\/|3.- ;)

Ask a Manager said...

I had no idea. I hate not knowing things.

The P.O. Box is actually Ben Eubanks', since he's helping me with this project. I wonder if he's sending coded messages.

(Ben =

James said...

Thank you very much for this.

BO said...

I tried signing up it appears I'm already on your list. And I really want the guide. How can we make this happen? :)

Ask a Manager said...

BO -- could it be that you took my survey last week? If so, you're on the list already but should have gotten an email telling you how to download the guide. But we can fix this! Email me at askamanager at gmail dot com and I'll get you taken care of!

erin said...

This is so nice of you to offer for free! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

This guide is awesome -- full of such great advice! I'm volunteering for a resume building / interview skills workshop at my church, and I may hand this out (and of course hook people up with your blog)! I think you are helping a lot of people. :)

Ask a Manager said...

Anonymous, please do feel free to hand it out!

And thank you to everyone leaving positive feedback -- that feels really great to hear!

Ursula said...

This is a very handy guide - I've already sent it to a friend of mine who hasn't interviewed in years. Thanks so much for producing it - you provide a real public service with this blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO very much for this. By striking coincidence, my husband was running around trying to prepare for a huge interview the VERY day you gave us this marvelous gift.

Needless to say, he did very well in the interview and seems to be a very strong candidate. We won't know for 2 more weeks, but we are CROSSING everything!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! I would, though, like to see a section on "good" questions that one could ask during an interview.

Ask a Manager said...

It's in there! See page 9.

Anonymous_at_210pm said...

Well, here we are two weeks later and my husband has moved on to ROUND TWO. We could not be more desperate for him to be gainfully employed once again after TWELVE MONTHS!

Thank you AAM. We'll be combing over your guide again tonight for his meetings tomorrow. It's hard going in with NO clue as to what will happen...

Ask a Manager said...

Good luck! Let us know what happens!