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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ask a Manager needs your I.T. expertise

If you're an expert in Apple Mail Scripts or otherwise a technical genius, and you want to help me create the You-Suck-As-An-Interviewer Automatic Letter Generator ®, as described below, please email me. Together, we will shake the world of rude interviewers to its very core.


Anonymous said...

Just be careful of the possible angry rejected candidate who actually received a rejection letter.

Alyssa King said...

If you're going for this, which you definitely should, you should make it include recruiters or HR people in general, because it's not always after a interview that people are psychotically rude. I had someone email me to ask for my phone number so they could call me later that day (which was already weird because they were responding to an email that included my phone number TWICE, as well as my resume which of course has my phone number). I responded right away and spent all afternoon by the phone..... nothing. NEVER called. A few days later I finally sent a gracious email saying I hoped that they were still considering me, I'd love to talk about the position, etc., etc., and she never responded. Unbelievable.

Unknown said...

I can't wait for this, but Anon is right. There is potential for abuse here.

Both interviewers and interviewees need to show a lot more respect and professionalism for their roles, but I am so glad to see something just for us. We are definitely the unequal partner in this relationship (no matter how many experts tell you that you are interviewing the company, too, blah, blah. I call total BS on this.), and it is wonderful to have such a great advocate like AAM.

On behalf of all job-seekers who have experienced unprofessional interviewer conduct, we heart you forevah!

Not to pile one more thing on you, but have you considered hooking up your unemployed readers with your employed ones, like they are doing on a lot of other blogs these days? (See Shakesville's CaitieCat for an example). I know JobAngels and others, but I didn't find it user friendly, and it was confusing.

Or do you know a better alternative out there? You would be providing an incredible service by just providing some info on the folks out there trying to be guardian angels by facilitating matches in this wretched economy.

Ask a Manager said...

Do you guys have thoughts on how you could prevent abuse of it? I'm thinking of something like this site:

Charles said...

Way more than I think you want to do; but here's an interesting site dealing with "giving a voice to the voiceless" in the academic world:

They do ask for rebuttals from those named in the postings. I'm not sure what else they do in the background that we readers do not see. But maybe you can get some ideas from their site.

Also, by posting the issue, rather than just sending an anonymous email, everyone else gets to see what some companies are up to.

p.s. my apologies for repeating the language; but there used to be a website called FuckedCompany which would have been great for this sort of thing; but they are, to use their own words, "sorta fucked."

good luck!