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Monday, August 25, 2008

why "Sexy Mama" won't get hired

Last week, I received a resume from "Sexy Mama." As in, that was the name that displayed in the "from" field of her email.

Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I talk about six reasons a resume might go straight into my trash can. "Sexy Mama" is one of them.

Please check it out, and as always, I'd love your feedback in the comments over there!


Anonymous said...

My favorites (these are actuals)

c_hot_sh*t @ ...
chatterbox @ (couldn't figure out why she didn't get an interview)
heavymetalman@ ...
cum_on_now@ ...

And a slew of others. Great post - I particularly love the email reference.

Rich Milgram said...

I couldn't agree more with your post. These are all good examples of what not to do when trying to land an interview. Here is a recent blog I posted that includes tips on how to "Impress Employers With Your Resume":